Furnace heat up & Refractory Dry Out

As a representative of Hotwork International “we provide services such as refractory dry out and heat up solutions for all industries.

Refractory Dry Out – protect your investment!

Refractory lining, installation and brick laying includes a high level control of even hundreds of details to ensure the integrity and quality of the lining. How would you feel, if you managed all those details along with schedule, productivity and costs, only to see the lining damaged during dry out or heat up.
Refractory materials are evaluated over the life of the asset. Refractory manufacturer or supplier invest a lot into controlling the manufacturing of the material and the quality before delivery, but their product is evaluated based on the performance of the as-installed and as-dried product. Refractory performance can be destroyed or significantly compromised if an effective refractory dry out is not conducted. Most process burners are rarely capable of controlling the low temperature/high volume performance necessary to provide an effective refractory dry out.
The High Velocity (HV) burner System has been used for many years for the purpose of applying controlled heat to new refractories in all types of furnaces & vessels in order to provide an accurately controlled initial heat up to enable the object plant to go on stream with the refractories in optimum condition.
Modern design technology requires the installation of large amounts of expensive refractory for high temperature process. Newly installed refractory require a carefully controlled initial heating. If the initial heating is carried out to rapidly and or with local hot spot, then different rates of expansion between adjoining refractory areas may occur, creating stresses which cause severe cracking or worth damage.